Braided Frohawk Tutorial on Short Natural Hair

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The lovely Braided Frohawk! Done in simple steps, in this tutorial I will show you how to achieve this look on your short natural hair. This is a great style to play with, especially when you are stuck in those in-between awkward stages of growth.

3 Elegant Ways to Style your Natural Hair



I am loving these quick chic hairstyles on the go made by Naptural85, they are super easy and not time consuming at all, check out the pictorials  below along with a instructional video.
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DIY: How to Create a Faux Bang and Bun


Hey Guys, in this tutorial I will show you how you can achieve a faux bang and a hair bun all without having to cut your own hair, all within minutes! Also if you are currently rock’n an ombre, this gives off the illusion that you have dark hair overall :). If you ever wondered what you would look like with bangs but don’t want to cut your hair, this style is perfect for you! Also great for when you are looking for a new way to revamp your look and want to try something new. =D

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DIY: Braided Frohawk Updo on Natural Hair


Absolutely love this hairstyle! It is a great way to spice up your fro, or if you are running on days old hair and you are looking to try something new. Check out the pictorial below to see how this hairstyle is achieved.

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Janelle Monae Inspired (Pompadour) Updo


Hey guys, here is a easy and quick tutorial on how to achieve the Janelle Monae inspired “pompadour” hairstyle. Similar, but not exact. It is also a great protective hairstyle. Hope you like it! xoxo

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Easy Vintage Styled Updo Tutorial on Natural Hair


Hey Guys, in this tutorial I will be showing you how to achieve this quick and easy vintage styled updo. Such a simple updo to do, especially for those who want a quick style on the go! Enjoy!

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DIY: Vintage Styled Updo on Natural Hair


Love this elegant styled updo. Perfect for special occasions or adding a vintage flair to your style. Check out the pictorial below on how to achieve this style.

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Crown Braid Tutorial on Natural Hair


This style is a great updo for several occasions and it is easy to do within minutes! It also serves as a protective hairstyle as well. I used Kanekalon hair to achieve this style on my short hair, but if you have long hair you can achieve this style without the extra hair. Watch the tutorial below to see how I achieved this crown braid hairstyle. Enjoy!

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4 Quick and Easy Hairstyles on Natural Hair

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Looking to try different hairstyles on your natural hair? In this tutorial by BeeUtifullyMade, she showcases 4 quick hairstyles for various occasions. Check it out :)

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DIY: Braided Updo on Natural Hair


Another great versatile hairstyle to try on your natural hair. Check out this simple pictorial DIY, which showcases how to achieve this style.

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